Helping user select an inventory item

is there a way for a user to go through a series of questions to help them find the product that best suits them?

Yes. You’d want to have all your products in a product sheet with a variety of columns pertaining to product traits as they relate to user appeal. Then you’d have columns in your user sheet that are filled with the user preferences. You would use a relation column in your user sheet to relate those preferences to the different product trait columns. If you give those product trait columns sequential numbers (i.e. traitColumn_1, traitColumn_2, traitColumn_3, etc.) then Glide will bundle them into an array column (i.e. traitColumn_) Same for the user preference columns. Then you can relate one array to another and it would give you a relation column in your user sheet where every row contains all the products relevant to that user (i.e. where the product trait matches the user preference). Then in the glide app, use some kind of list component to display the items of that relation on a screen that filters the list by user.


And of course, to answer your question more specifically, just add questions as choice components (you’ll need control over the answers so they can match the traits in the product trait columns) which will fill that user’s preference columns. Once all columns are filled, show them the list with the items (using a visibility condition on that list so that it only becomes visible once all the questions are answered, or rather all the user preference columns are filled with data.)

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