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I wish to build a platform for a charity organization (borrowing health stuff to people).
So - there is inventory, where there are categories to select from (accessibility products, mom & infant, etc.) and associated product. from each product (identified by cat number) there are several items (identified by serial number).

  1. I wish to show list of categories and when user choose - he see the associated products of that category, with option to search for that product (can be many products under a category)
    I tried several ways: with list of categories which lead to “view details” and there put relation items. but search cannot be shown (because view details assume there are other details). I tried link to screen but could not understand how to
  2. Wish to have search for item by its serial number - quick way to borrow and return specific items. I wish to have nice search with submit button. can it be?

I have other wishes if someone can help more. thanks
all activities of that charity is volunteering so it would be great to get advice from you

Hi Eyal, welcome to the community!

For your first question:

  • Create a user-specific choice to store the category choice of each user (must happen outside a form).

  • Make a relation column, matching that category choice to the “category” column of the sheet that contains all your products, make that a multiple match.

  • Show that relation column under the choice component in a detailed view as an inline list, allow searching for the inline list.

For your second question, do you want to do it in a form or something? As long as you have the info about serial number with the SKU I suppose you can do a search?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it sounds like you want to click on a category, then you open the details page of the category where you have a list of products. If you click on the inline list settings, you can turn on search and the search bar will show at the top of the category details page. The you can search through all of the products within that category. Is that what you are looking for? That will search any visible fields you have in your product list and details.


Check out Multi-Level Select in to see if that helps.

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yes, you are right! many thanks. I used something else and anyway missed the show search at feature tab

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thank you for the reply.

For the first question - I missed the inline list + search option at Features tab

For the second question - yes form style - show input field and button to search (or even without button, but as-you-type style).

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