Help with the new app - translate default form buttons

I am converting a classic app in the new app, but I cannot find a way to translate the default buttons (CSS is not accessible in my plan neither through RichText) , and localization is not supported (in the next app I will have to manage 4 languages… )

I would like to translate Cancel and Submit (in “Annulla”, “Pubblica Commento”)

Unfortunately I am totally ignorant about JS, so any support will be appreciated

Your only option, as of now, is to use “show new screen”, then build the components and buttons yourself.


Thanks @ThinhDinh ! I will follow your suggestion.
So, I have also to avoid any “Edit”, “Delete” and default action in my apps. That’s a bit frustrating, especially 'cause this “feature” comes from a limitation introduced in the new app, and not a platform limitation.

EDIT… .sorry to bother you :slight_smile: But… If I am using a new screen, how can I access to the Screen variables?

In my case, the user can add a comment (table comments) related to a post (table post), the two tables are related using the post_ID.

If I am using a new screen … and I want to save the values on the comments table (new comment) and cannot access to the screen values, I have to store the post_Id somewhere and create a new row using the post_id stored… please give us back the CSS!!!

‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ will still keep you on same table post row, but with a new screen. Treat it like a custom form and it should work.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager ! Done

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