Form screen

A couple of questions on the Form Screen:

Q1: Does the default “submit” button always add row?

Q2: Where do I assign default column values to the new row?

Q3: Can I hide the default “cancel” and “submit”, as I may want to use more visually attractive (as well as localized texts) buttons like the button bar?

Q4: if the default buttons cannot be hidden, how can I configure the added buttons to perform the same actions as the default?

Thanks for your help!


Also see Column Values

You can’t customise or hide the Submit/Cancel in the native form. If you want a form with your own buttons, then you’d need to create a Custom Form.

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Thanks for the clarification! So it seems “form” is more for information gathering. In applications when more complex actions are needed it is better to use “detail screen”.

Possibly, yes. We use “detail screen forms” to allow for multi-step forms, or to allow for input that’s based on conditional relations, etc.

After trying this and that, I have gone back to use “form screen”. I find “on submit” still the most natural place to configure custom action in addition to the default “add row” because it a record is added only “on submit”. The detail screen requires more work to keep things consistent.

I would be happy to see a standard component “submit form button” (to be consistent with the standard component “form button” to open the form), or a standard action “on submit form”, to allow a button to perform the same actions as the standard “submit” button.