Form exit/Cancel

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Is there a way to know if the user cancels the editting of the form ?.
And a question not related to forms: Is there a way to custom a window like form, but without the buttons “cancel” and “send”?

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To build a custom screen, just select a Details Layout, and then start adding/removing components.

there is no record of users starting a form, so you cant know if they canceled, to create your own form… create a button and choose “link to screen” action for this button… than use a Glide table and user specific columns to collect data you need… create cancel and submit buttons… to cancel button assign “go back” action… to submit button assign “add row” action.
in add row choose sheet where you wanna collect entered data and copy it from user specific columns to a new row

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Thanks for the reply @Darren_Murphy and @Uzo .
I will try your sugestions.

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