Reuse New Récord Form Screen

Hello, I want to have several ways to enter a new record in my app, for instance I have a list screen with the “+” sign at top left but also want to have a “add new record” button at the App’s main screen.

I have already the form that displays after clicking the “+” sign it took me some time to do it as it has conditional visibility for some fields depending other fields and the logged in user, therefore I would like to use it again jumping to it when clicking In my “add new record” button (instead of creating a new add record form from scratch)

Problem is i haven’t found a way to find such existing form to trigger an action and jump to it, the only action I have found is “add form” which provides a brand new form for me to define again from scratch.

It’s a bit confusing to me that there are some “hidden” screens in glide apps which only appear when adding a new record, and such forms seem to be different depending where you click “new record” from.

Hopefully I am clear enough, thanks in advance for any advice or recommendation.



No, there currently isn’t a way to reuse those hidden screens like you hope. However, you can try copying all of the components from one screen and pasting them onto another. I’m not sure how well it will work between a Form screen and an Add screen, but I think it will get you pretty close.

I’ve done between custom add/edit screens, and it works well. The one gotcha in the case where you’re copying between custom forms is that you need to remember to change the submit action :joy:

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