Help with splitting an app into two & navigating new privacy / security features,

I’d like to separate an app into two, both reading from the same sheet. There are two user groups, we’ll call them vendors and consumers. The new Glide offerings and security/privacy options have left me a little unsure how best to approach the split to avoid major hiccups.

The app I’m splitting is a PRO with a legacy subscription benefitting from the flexibility of a private sign-in option if that makes sense. The diagram lays out the setup I think would work along with some context.

I’ll take comments, general tips, but have two specific questions here:

1️⃣ Currently, the user profiles sheet contains data for both consumers and vendors. I have a UserRole (access level) column with 2 options: **Vendor & Consumer**.
  • Question: Should this sheet remain as is (one sheet) for both apps or is it better for Vendors and Consumers to have separate user profile sheets for their corresponding apps?

:two: For added security, I considered enabling Row Owners, however:

(a) Unsure if Vendors (ADMINs) processing individual orders can easily be added to an array
to access consumer’s info related to an order/order history – this is key.

Aware that computed columns cannot be converted to Row Owner columns. Plus the need for a new column for each new ADMIN not ideal.

(b) Fairly certain Row Owners prevents users (consumers) from seeing any data related to other users in product reviews, for instance (e.g., profile photo, name).

Addressing this w/ role-based security where consumer’s UserEmail is “Owner 1” and "ADMIN is “Owner 2” translates to a Private app which, again, means not benefiting from user-specific columns.

  • Question: has anyone implemented role-based security in a similar context without incident? tradeoffs?

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