Help with existing app with many users, i want to add photo

I have an existing app with out photo, i started out with it but things keep moving around with the photo so i turned it off. Now that the UI feature is available i want to turn on the photo again allowing the users to post their profile pic but i want to use the UI feature. How can i do this with out creating a mess and have the UI happen from now on including the existing users?

Sorry @Woody but I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can you say it another way or post screenshots?

ok i have an app with many users … now i want to add the photo column so they can post their profile picture. but i want to use the unique id feature so the when or if the data in the sheet gets moved or deleted that the pictures don’t move to wrong location.

Took me awhile to realize you were taking about 'U’nique 'I’D instead of 'U’ser 'I’nterface. Anyway, not quite following what you want, but it might help if you give us a better idea of how you data is laid out and how you want to link a profile to a photo using UUID. I feel Unique ID (UUID) should only be created when adding a record. If you have existing records, then I recommend finding a UUID generator online to fill the existing records.

ok jeff … you get what i’m talking about. so there is no way to add a ui column and when user signs back in have it generated or maybe force the issue of to login in again , im using email whitelist

Special Value Columns like UUID will only update when records are added or edited. Again, not knowing your data layout, it’s hard to give a definitive answer. You could probably update the special column values when a user edits a record, but that value would change every time they edit the record and would not stay unique. That’s why I only advise to fill it in add mode. I’m not sure why you think making them sign in again would make a difference, because there is nothing in the sign in process that generates a UUID. Where would you even store it? UUID is simply that…a unique ID for absolutely anything where you would need a unique identification code that it next to impossible to reproduce, no matter who generates it.

Yes the UUID is what im talking about. In another app I made I have a from for members to add their profile and i use a form for that and in the form i collect the special value date-time and UUID which happens and is assigned when the add their profile. Now In the app i want to do this to, the only thing required by the members is to input their email and get a pin as im using the email whitelist. So i was thinking that if i added the columns Date signed up for date and time and the UUID to app logins sheet that i might be able to start gathering the date-time and UUID info. With the UUID acquired, my sheets changes frequently, i want the users to have a photo in their profile. I did this photo before but when some of the sheets were edited say a row deleted the pictures would move to wrong location. to my understanding with having the UUID acquired the photos will stay where thy are suppose to be. This is why i want to collect the UUID. and have done it with another app i made but want to change this other app i have to do the same.

I wouldn’t use the app:logins sheet for anything other than it was intended (a log of sign-ins). You can and will have duplicated entries in that sheet at some point if someone signs in on a different device or needs to sign in again on the same device. Are you using UNIQUE at some point and that’s where things are getting out of order? Since you have a whitelist sheet, why not just make that your profile sheet, add a photo column, then present that sheet as a tab in details style layout with filtering by signed in user. There the user can only edit and see their own profile and can add or change their photo if they choose. I still can’t picture how you think UUID will make this better, or how your data is laid out. To me, a form button seems unnecessary, but I don’t know how your app is designed. It seems like we are taking a complicated approach, but I need more information to say for sure.

ill give that as try tx

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