Help with Electricity Plan Comparison App

I am trying to build an app to compare electricity plans. I have created the sheet that does the behind the scenes calculations but can’t find a suitable template.

Basically 10 items from a bill showing usage data need to be entered into one column of the finished app and 10 data items from the Electricity Plan being considered to be entered into a second column for the spreadsheet to generate and show what the bill would be for that usage on that plan.

I hope that makes sense. Are you able to help me?

Thanking you for any assistance you can provide.

You haven’t given a lot to go on but I would suggest that you turn your calcs around and make the data in a single row. This way all of the data can be entered from the App in one record. Glide treats a row as an item.

For example if you had three numbers and wanted to add them together every day, you would create a sheet and title the columns: Date, Num1, Num2, Num2, Result.
You would then put data into your sheet on row 2, with a formula in column E that says =B2+C2+D2.
In your Glide app you would be able to edit and/or add rows, entering the date and those 3 numbers and your spreadsheet would do the math to get the result.

I would suggest a second sheet in the spreadsheet that has the different plans. You would have a row for each plan type and pull the data in from the other sheets single row to make the calculation for each plan type.

Many thanks George. I’ll give that a go.