Help: Is my Google spreadsheet too complex for the app builder?

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I have a Google spreadsheet and am not able to get it working in the app builder for now:

My goal is to build an app with which people can put in date assumptions (yellow cells) to get and calculated outcome (green cells). The columns F, G and H are as 3 assumptions to understand. The green cells are calculated through the help of the second tab “backend data”. I figured it maybe needs to be separated to not be in conflict with the data the app builder is feeding of.

Can you tell me how or with which template I can make this work with your app builder? I would be very thankful for that. Is the sheet too complex?

You are totally allowed to change any rows, columns or anything if this will help my progress.

Have a good weekend / start into the new week,

No, it’s certainly not too complex at all.
In fact, you probably don’t even need the Google Spreadsheet to build this in Glide. It could all be done with Glide Tables and Glide Computed Columns.

I’d encourage you to spend a bit of time reviewing the document links I’ve given you above, and particular have a look at the Math Column. This should give you some ideas for how you can translate those formulas into Glide computed columns.

Essentially what you’ll need to do is store all your static values in a sheet/table, and then add input components for the user-supplied variable data. This data should be written to user specific columns, and it can then be used in combination with the static values to produce the results.

Doing all this purely in Glide is a much better approach, as you will remove any delays that would be caused by having to wait for formulas to compute in the Google Sheet, and be able to provide instant results.