Help me understand to properly apply Glide's template to my app

I am designing an app that helps Billers manage billing Payers. It is solely designed for Billers and Payers will not have access to my app. Billers are responsible for adding Payers and inputting their bill details. I am trying to better understand how all this data is managed within the Glide template in order to leverage Glide in the most appropriate way.

Some questions that I was hoping to get feedback on:

  1. Should I consider each Biller to be an Administrator? Or am I the Administrator and each Biller a User?

  2. Will all of my Billers data reside in a single Google spreadsheet that is on my personal Google Drive and that I (the app owner) own/control? Will each tab (eg. Payers) have a listing of all Billers info (eg. all Payers for all Billers) differentiated only by the Users email address?

  3. What concerns should I have (if any) with respect to lag time etc. if multiple people are simultaneously using the app?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

@Jeff_Hager - can you please help me with this question? Thank you.

You are the administrator, and billers are your app’s users.

Yes, admittedly I don’t know all about your settings and what you want to show but I would imagine a sheet that contains:

  • The biller’s email
  • The payer’s email
  • The amount the payer needs to pay for that specific bill

Design it so that each biller can view all their bills, and only their own bills using row owner or a relation.

I don’t think there should be any lag if you don’t have things to calculate in your Sheets.

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@ThinhDinh, much appreciated. This is very useful in terms of conceptualizing and designing what I am trying to do.

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@ThinhDinh do you know if a Lookup value calculated within the Data Editor can be used in a formulae that only exists in your google sheet? To be clear, there is a specific value I have calculated that exists in my data editor…I am trying to used this value within a formula that is in my spreadsheet. I know how to display this value in the app…but I don’t know how to actually access it from my spreadsheet.

You mean this part?

I just say in general, if you can do any calculation in Glide then do it there and don’t push anything back to the Sheets to eliminate lagging.

@ThinhDinh I fully understand your recommendations regarding the increased lag time if calculations are done on the sheet. But I was more interested in finding out how you ‘push’ data from a Lookup value calculated in the Glide editor into a specific cell in your sheet (if you want to). I did not know you could “push” data from the Data Editor into a specific cell in the sheet. How is that done? Can you please explain?

I am trying to get a derivative of a value that is selected by a user when a form is submitted. Right now…that value is going to cell b2 in Tab 1. The derivate is calculated in cell b4 of Tab 1 using a Lookup function in the data editor. I would like this b4 value in Tab 1 to automatically appear in cell a1 of Tab 2 and have written an index/match function (that points to b4 in Tab 1) to get it. Hence, my interest in finding a way for the Lookup results to be accessible to a formulae that is within my sheet. I hope that makes things clearer.

You can use a form to capture that via “Columns” component, not sure if that works with your flow but currently that’s the only way to push Glide-calculated columns to the sheet.