Help with Arrayformula If is Blank

Good morning from Spain,

I need help with Arrayformula, I do no know what I am doing wrong with “=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ISBLANK(A2:A), “”,"”))"


Thanks everyone !

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Hi @Ragotem

I wonder if you could you use a if-then-else inside of glide instead?

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I need it to make a Row Owner column…

Hi @Ragotem. The issue lies with your “”. They are the wrong sort of quotes I think (maybe smart quotes have been inserted). Replace with standard quotes like these “” and it’ll be fine.

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Possibly this answer is true. I see no other reasons in the syntax to make it not work.

Try using…


The difference is the ‘;’ as separator in most of Spanish settings.


Same error :man_facepalming:


Jeje… no te rindas!!

Tienes ahora un error de sintaxis al final de la fórmula, las comillas dobles (“) no deben ir allí.


Revisa de nuevo!

Finally!!! :partying_face:

Changin lenguage of google sheets to “english” and working now, very strange…

Thanks every body!!!Captura