Can't get ARRAYFORMULA to work

Can anyone help?

This formula works well, but when I try to turn it into an ARRAYFORMULA it only return a blank cell

=IFS(OR(ISBLANK(F2:F); ISBLANK(G2:G)); “”; AND(F2:F>=3; G2:G<3); “Gjør oppgaven nå”; AND(F2:F>=3; G2:G>=3); “Gjør dette til et prosjekt”; AND(F2:F<3; G2:G<3); “Kanskje hvis du har tid”; AND(F2:F<3; G2:G>=3); “Er det verdt innsatsen?”)

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It’s not working with and/or function


Thanks! I have to find another solution then…

You should use nested IF

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Hi Geir, here’s what you can build on.


The formula has been done in your Sheet. A good practice is that you should store your arrayformula in the header like what I did so you won’t accidentally delete it, like when you store it in row 2.

Fantastic, Thanks a lot!

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Yes, ANDs and ORs do not work in Array formulas. Instead, in the future, use multiplication logic.

eg. Instead of


Do this


Using this logic, A2:A = 1 will result in TRUE (is 1) or FALSE(is not 1). TRUE = 1, FALSE = 0. Likewise, B2:B = 2 will result in 1 or 0. If either of those is FALSE (0), then the whole statement is FALSE (0) since 1*0=0. If both are TRUE (and thus satisfy the AND condition), then 1*1=1 and will result in TRUE.