Arrayformula on OR/AND

It seems that it is not possible to apply arrayformula on OR/AND operators, what do you think?


Are you wanting to translate that to Glide Computed columns, or is it just not working in your Google Sheet?

Just in Google Sheets!

ah, I see.

The below might help:

Looks like you need to replace OR with +, and AND with * when used with IF

Thank you, it did not work by changing OR by + and AND by *. Do I have to make other changes? There is no + in the stackoverflow example.

Sorry, I can’t help any more.
If it was me, I’d just do it in Glide.

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Can you share a sample single sheet with some dummy data?

I just requested editing access. Thank you!

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Here you go, using the same method Darren mentioned (+ and *)

If you have any questions feel free to send them here.


@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh Thank you both for helping an old man :nerd_face:!
/ Ralf 80
Here you can see it in use:


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