Some functions don't work with Arrayformula

Is there an alternative for those functions, like sumifs…?
I need it to be copied down…

Give us the formula please.
I’m not a genius of this, but I had several experiences with arrayformula
Perhaps what you can’t do with query you can do with vlookup inside arrayformula

The best alternative to to avoid them altogether, and do the rollups using Glide Computed columns :wink:

A SUMIF in a Google Sheet usually translates into some combination of Template, Relation and Rollup columns in the Glide Data Editor.

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You could use Arrayformula with Sumif… i.e.


One of the only reasons to use a GSheet formula like this is if you need to sum rows that you do not want connected to Glide in any way. Otherwise you would be much better off following @Darren_Murphy advice and build it with Glide computed columns.


This is an example of the formula:
=SUMIFS(‘Sheet1’!$D$3:D; ‘Sheet1’!$A$3:A; A14; ‘Sheet1’!$F$3:F; “<=”&today(); ‘Sheet1’!$G$3:G; “>=”&today())



This works.
But I don’t understand your 1st criteria (a14)

A3:A from the Sheet1 must be the same as A14

OK then you just put A3:A; “=” &A14
Tell me if it works also to you

Yes it works. But that’s not my problem! :slightly_smiling_face:
This formula works well but I want to use it as an arrayformula. Can I use a workaround?

I don’t understand, this is an array formula. You don’t want to use it as array formula but make it in a similar way?
Can I know the reason? I mean what’s your goal

If you use only glide columns you can do the same in this way

Create a IfThenElse column
Put the conditions you are in need
If true put the value of the column D3 else 0
Then create another column type Roll and make the sum of the column IfThenElse

That’s get the same result


I wanna know if there’s a workaround.

I will look if IfThenElse is working for me

Thank You!

My friend, I tested this formula I sent you, it is working.

Doesn’t work here.
Example: =arrayformula(if(isblank(A3:A);"";SUMIFS(‘Réservations’!$D$3:D; ‘Réservations’!$A$3:A; A3:A; ‘Réservations’!$F$3:F; “<=”&today(); ‘Réservations’!$G$3:G; “>=”&today())))

But Google say that it’s not suppose to work. I’m looking for a workaround…

because you didn’t make as I showed to you:

If you can share a sample sheet with dummy data and tell me how you want it to work maybe we can work out a QUERY solution.

However, I still do think you can do this within Glide, and it’s better to do it that way.

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