Adding Rows

Hi, my google sheet has sum ifs and interactions between pages. But when I add a row to my sheet via is there a way to get that sum if cell to be added to the row as well? Otherwise my app will not be very usefull for me.

In order for Sheet formulas to transfer to new rows, ARRAYFORMULAs need to be used. Unfortunately, I think SUMIFs have issues with ARRAYFORMULAs. There was a previous discussion here that might help:

Hi @Shmuel_Munitz you should use array formulas. ARRAYFORMULA - Docs Editors Help

You could use Arrayformula with Sumif…



Do you absolutely need those numbers in the Sheet or are you willing to move the logic into Glide computed columns?

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That seems simpler, how would I do that?

This may help:


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Since you have IF in there, I think it’s a combination of if-then-else and math/rollup columns. If you can describe your use case we may be able to help.