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could someone help me on an arrayformula to get the amount of product and its value and give the total to pay

Here it is:

=ARRAYFORMULA(C3&" “&B3 &” - "&TEXT((C3*D3),“R$#,##0.00”))

Assuming the values on column D are for a single unit.

I would have written it this way. Then format the Total column to currency. Note that depending on your spreadsheet settings you would use one or the other formulas.

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@gelson First, there is no data in Row 2 of your sample, which is why it will not compute.

This error also comes up if there is a Circular Dependancy Detected. You’ll need more data in the other columns for the ArrayFormula code to work, otherwise, it would loop forever.

so on line 2 and where the arrayformula goes to prevent me from deleting this line it is just to contain the formula where it would be inserted in the others when it was filled in one sale

Is it because ISBLANK is looking at 2 columns? Try changing ISBLANK(C2:D) to ISBLANK(C2:C). Just guessing here. Or maybe change , to ;

sorry I don’t understand much of formulas

what I wanted and each sale I made to the arrayformula was to calculate the quantity times the value of the product and inform the tatal of each sale so that I can know the value that each customer is owing

The others are correct about row 2. There is a technique to use a row 2 to put formulas in but I don’t do it that way. So for the formula I wrote you should put it in row 3 and change the 2’s to 3’s. Make sure there is no data in the cells below that row in that column. And if you get an error replace the commas with semicolons. What do you have in Row 2? Are they all blank cells??

-or- (depending on your country and spreadsheet settings)

You really need to go online and find some basic Google Sheets tutorials. You are going to run across this kind of thing all the time and need to learn some of the basics.

I really thing it’s the use of the the range of columns. Change to only check if one column is blank. I tried it out with the range and it appears to be filling 2 columns instead of 1. The error could be because the next column over has data in it.

could build an example for me to have an idea can use the example of my prints

What country do you live in. I want to change my spreadsheet locale to match yours.

Also, have you tried with a semicolon ( ; ) instead of comma ( , )?


look like and i have

  1. customer
    2nd product
    3.The quantity the customer wants
    4.The value of the unitary product
    5.The date the sale was made
    6.Now need the total amount that the customer spentERRO

I don’t speak english so I don’t think the translation is going very well

already put the semicolon but it didn’t work


Thank you so

it worked just a doubt how do I format currency did it and the error in the formula

sorry I got it thanks for the help

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