Help understanding and implementing push-notifications

I have read/listened and also studied the posts about notifications and I am truly somehow hitting a brain block on getting this to work for me. Is there a demo app or something I can see that might help me get this going in my app? Seems very simply by activating in the app and then sending request for permission and I don’t get any notice to respond to in order to give my approval/disapproval of receiving them when I test. I just need a push off the cliff to get the process started!

First, you need to create a button with the action of enabling push notifications when the user clicks on it. If the user has an iPhone, their phone must be updated to iOS 16.4 to receive the notifications. Then, you can set another action to send push notifications, where you can select the recipients and specify the title and message of the notification. This action can be used, for instance, when a user submits a form and there are many other possibilities how you want the notifications to be sent to your users.

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Please note that there might be some problems testing it at the moment.

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i will go test this and post my results. Thank you!


Ok all was ok with adding a button that could be clicked to approve push notifications and I suppose I need to store that choice with the user.
Then I had no success with sending a notification to that user which it appears does this via email? Thought we could alert to the phone (android is my only test phone) but i cannot get any results when trying to send them…

First, create a boolean column in the user sheet, then go on to approve push notification button action, make the set column values for boolean column true.

done and working so far…still no notifications when I push my button that is Send Push Notification…

can you share screenshots of how you have done the setting?

Firstly, have you installed the app in your phone and granted yourself the permission?
Secondly, can you share request permission setting screenshot

Yes I have installed on my phone and granted permission.
Here are screenshots.

Everything looks okay. I hope the notification bug is fixed.

So when I push the button (which is all a test page) I would expect to receive a notification on my phone correct? And how would I send to all my clients at the same time but filter to only ones with permission set?

Yes, first you work on receiving notification on your end then I will help you out on this too.

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Is there anything happening at the Glide level that is hindering the push notifications as I cannot get it to work at all. Got the permission request and stored but cannot get any notifications…;-(

I believe so. I am having troubles with push notifications as well as some other users. Seems this is something out of our control at the moment.


Are there still issues with notifications at the development level?

Please, update us with the current status of the issues regarding Push Notifications

Are Push Notifications still having issues?