Help understanding and implementing push-notifications

thanks @Darren_Murphy…will give it a go again!

Hello, have you resolved this issue? I’m experiencing a similar case with this notification feature.

Hi, Can you resolve the issue with this notification case? I’m encountering the same problem. Also, I’ve seen your email; apologies for not responding earlier.

Can you show how you are setting up the action?

Sorry for the delay. I am not having any issues with the notifications now. Work everytime and several times each day! Very pleased…

The notifications are only being sent to one mobile phone, which is my own, but they are not being sent to other phones

How did you solve the problem? Could you share the steps you took?

I had to make sure that each one I wanted to notify has approved the request to send and then I had no issues from there. Are you still having issues with this? I send many per day and they are working flawlessly!

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