Help someone who has experience with SQL tables (Postgresql), "set column value" in the users table is not working

I replaced the users table from the Glide table with a SQL table. and now the “set column value” is not working
Do you think it was worth changing the user table to SQL table?

Are you sure you didn’t create a Read Only query of your dataset?

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no, before that I manually added lines and entered data, everything works
but “set column value” doesn’t work(

Did you notice the below in the doc that Jeff linked you to?


yes, I already read this, but I was so hoping there would be a workaround )
this means I still have to return to the glide table

thanks for the answer

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I doubt there is any workaround. The Users table has some special properties in a Glide context. I could imagine that getting it to work as a SQL source table could require some fancy engineering on the Glide side.