Help: Salesforce Laid-Off - Connecting Salesforce Talent with New Opportunities

Hi People,

Nice to meet you!

My name is Orlando. I am Salesforce Professional who lives in Lisbon/Portugal.

As you may know, Salesforce recently announced layoffs for some of its employees in early 2023.

In response to this, I created an application using Glide to help those affected by this situation. This application provides information from a publicly available Google Sheet

The idea for this initiative came from a LinkedIn post by Jamie Manuel, which can be found here: Jamie Manuel on LinkedIn: MASTER_Salesforce Talent Marketplace_Public | 30 comments.

I hope that this application will be a useful resource for connecting talented Salesforce professionals with new opportunities and challenges.

Could you please, check it out the application, and give some tips to get more from Glide. At this moment, I have the starter license.

Any ideas, recommendations?

Thanks so much!

Orlando Agostinho