Help please to re-configure Google Sheet

Hello, colleagues
Accidentally deleted a Google database with 22 folders and more than 1.000 entries. I.e. the Glide table has everything and Google Sheet is missing.
I would be nothing, but I use Integromat for external services (mail, SMS…) that are linked to Google Sheet. And I’m totally uncomfortable with not having a full app.
I tried to export data from Glide table. Received a file .ods, which can’t be opened later in Glide itself. If you open it in Excel, it has a strange file structure. There are some columns that I’ve never had, and the structures only overlap with the main base.
Maybe there’s some way to solve my problem?

Deleted Google Spreadsheets can usually be recovered within 30 days.

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Thank you. If your advice is related to the fact that all deleted files are kept in a basket, then it is not my case - the basket was cleaned as well. :frowning:

Well, if that’s the case your options may be limited.

The ODS file you will have received is (I believe) in Open Office format. You should be able to import that directly into a new Google Spreadsheet.

How well it will sync up with your app, I don’t know. This not something I’ve ever tried, so you would just need to try it and see, I think.