Help on Tbl relations

Hi there,

im not particularly smart with the DBs, but eventually in one case I was able to create a correct relation between the User table and another one,which give me the chanche to access the user role to test in various context… see the pic
so I need to repeat the same and possibly to add other view to the other tbls.
How? :flushed:

Isn’t the user menu automatically enabled when you turn on user profiles?

thats the only thing I can see
… edit: sorry yes the menu is there, was in the hidden tab

What is your current app login settings? Is it public with email?

I just changed few minutes ago in Public with email and google sign in

Here’s the official documentation on User Profiles.

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ill check and come back in case. thx

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yes its a shame… previously i did it without give much attention then eventually I forgot! :smirk:

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