Help!? Inline List Inside An Inline List?

I’ve figured out how to use an Inline List on its own, but now I’m trying to use it in another way. Here’s a quick video to show what I’m trying to do. Here’s my Sheet to go with it.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong…or maybe it’s not possible? Please??

First of all, you have to remember that any layouts you design will be tied to the sheet all throughout the app. Since you designed your CodeBase sheet details to be an inline list and your relation is linking back to the CodeBase sheet, you will keep seeing the same layout. You need to split apart the the sheet so the first columns A and B will be in one sheet and C through I will be in another sheet. Then you can independently design the layout since the details for each will be on separate sheets.

Keep in mind too that you can set up your relations inside the Glide Data tab. The way your are coding the relation in the header is fine, but I just wanted to present a different option.

Thanks Jeff! I’m closer based on the info you shared. What am I missing to see only the appropriate challenges foreach age group?

I’m curious why you have your CodeBase sheet set up like this? Each Age Group has a relation to a K-1 challenge.

Instead your relation column should be linking the Age group to an Age Group column in your CodeBase Challenges sheet, but your sheet isn’t showing an Age Group column.

I would rename column B in CodeBase Challenges to Age Group then use the relation for you inline list.

Honestly it’s a whole lot easier and less confusing setting up the relations within Glide instead of setting them up in the header row of the sheet. It’s still up to you though. If it were me, I would remove column B entirely in CodeBase, Rename column B in CodeBase Challenge to Age Group, then set up the relation within glide to link Age Group in CodeBase to Age Group in CodeBase Challenge.


Thank you Jeff! I haven’t used the Data table in Glide, but you’re right, it made in easier. It was my attempt at logic in my brain, but your help put me on the right path. And…I actually understand the mistakes I was making.

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