Help formatting JSON using the FETCH JSON column

Hi all,

Im hoping you can help me, i am trying to set up the address auto complete however when i receive the JSON request back im struggling to get the .formatted sections of the request. See below the response;

Just looking for what to put in the JQ Query box. Thanks in advance!!

{“type”:“FeatureCollection”,“features”:[{“type”:“Feature”,“geometry”:{“type”:“Point”,“coordinates”:[-2.225573,53.305343]},“properties”:{“country_code”:“gb”,“housenumber”:“12”,“street”:“Moss Road”,“country”:“United Kingdom”,“county”:“Cheshire”,“datasource”:{“sourcename”:“openstreetmap”,“attribution”:“© OpenStreetMap contributors”,“license”:“Open Database License”,“url”:“"},“state”:“England”,“district”:"Alderley Edge”,“city”:“Alderley Edge”,“lon”:-2.225573,“lat”:53.305343,“state_code”:“ENG”,“formatted”:“12 Moss Road, Alderley Edge, United Kingdom”,“address_line1”:“12 Moss Road”,“address_line2”:“Alderley Edge, United Kingdom”,“timezone”:{“name”:“Europe/London”,“offset_STD”:“+00:00”,“offset_STD_seconds”:0,“offset_DST”:“+01:00”,“offset_DST_seconds”:3600,“abbreviation_STD”:“GMT”,“abbreviation_DST”:“BST”},“result_type”:“building”,“rank”:

It doesnt seem to let me enter the full response however here is the request ;


try with this syntax:



Are you aware that you have shared your API key in a public forum?

Yes sir, this is a free trial and I will be changing the key

Thanks for looking out

This worked i used .formatted at the end!! Thanks very much i appreciate both of you helping