Pass values to Google Sheet

Hi guys!

What’s the best practice to pass a column of data to Google Sheets?

In my use case, I have a table with restaurants, where one of the columns is an address. My goal is to populate another column in Restaurants with the latitude and longitude of the restaurant address automatically (as this seems to be best practice when displaying the address in Mapbox). The conversion to latitude and longitude is quite easy to do in Google Sheets, so I want to pass the column with all the restaurant addresses to Google sheets.

I would that action to be triggered automatically, so that everytime I add restaurants to my database, these restaurants are added automatically to Google sheets.

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You can do this using the fetch URL column instead.


Thanks @ThinhDinh
I have followed the tutorial, but the step where the Experimental Code column tries to fetch the JSON latitude doesn’t work for me…

I have built the URL and if I put in Chrome, it gives me back the JSON, so I think this part is fine.

And this is my lat column configuration:

But as you can see, no values are fetched :frowning:

Hi Dani,

Can you remove the jq query and see if anything comes up or just put in the period <.> on its own, to make sure its not a jq reference issue. I am doing something similar but I am using Fetch JSON

seems to work with fetch JSON


Is this the same “Fetch JSON” column Dan was using above?

Found the problem. It seems the format of the API has changed slightly.

When using the following format it worked well:


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