Fetch JSON

Hello, I have a quick question about fetch json function. So i am able to specifically parse out certain parts of the URL through the fetch json function, but is it possible to get multiple things? For example, if i had someone search “starbucks” I would want it to show a whole lsit of items from the api and not just one specific thing that i am looking for.

How does your API return data? I think you just need to understand the result structure and construct an appropriate jq snippet to return multiple items at once.

Basically it only comes back in one cell and I want it to return in multiple cells if there are multiple results. Does that make sense?

You can use several transform JQ Transform JSON column • Glide column to get the different results you are needing.

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I have been able to do that but Im looking for where it brings a list of things with multiple rows and not just one column and one row.

You apply the transformation only on one cell, so the info you take back only goes to that cell, unless:

  • You can return a delimited list of values.
  • You then apply a split text column on that list to get an array.
  • In a supporting table, you have multiple rows like this.

Array index || Value
0 ||
1 ||
2 ||
3 ||

The value column will use a Single Value approach, pointing to the split text column in step 2, then use “From start” in configuration, combined with the array index.

However you must either know in advance how many rows you are going to get (I assume this is not the case), or add as many rows as you can to cover most cases possible.