Parsing JSON with multiple values


I have the following JSON data that I would to transform into the following data:



Animation, Family.

Parsing methods I found online only show Animation.

Your JSON contains a collection, so you need to extract it across multiple rows.
Add enough rows to cover the maximum number of items, number the rows beginning at zero, and use the following JavaScript:

const json = JSON.parse(p1);
return json[p2].name;

Thank you, but that’s not exactly what I am looking for.
Each row has its own JSON data, so I was looking to have “Animation, Family” in a single cell.

I found this solution, but I am not able to pass p1 as a value:

var data = p1
var result = {
}).join(', ');

return (result)

Okay, if you want a comma separated list on a single line, then here is a version of your code that will work:

const json = JSON.parse(p1);
const result = {
}).join(', ');

return result;

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Here’s my alternative using the new Query JSON column.

$join(name,", ")

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