Help achieving this flow or similar

Hello Gliders.

I have an MVP I have released, after some feedback I came up with a way to tackle the users needs by allowing multiple entries on a given book.

However, when on the book feed, I’d like to display the feed of entries not requiring that people see it on a list. This allows for reading in a more natural way.

This is what I am trying to achieve:

I’d like for the ability to go into the individual posts so that people can share portions of their notes onto twitter and other social media

I know there’s a possibility of displaying the feed through Rich text (even though I have struggled concatenating the posts for each book, by each user), but this option doesn’t allow for the link to the detail page.

Another thing I’ve tried that would solve my problem, not entirely but almost, was to use a tiles list. The problem is that the tiles list requires an image and adds unnecessary space between the posts

If anyone has a hack way of doing this, you’d be a lifesaviour and I’ll buy you a coffee. This is making it hard to iterate on my MVP.

Tiles would be a nice way to go since it’s the only option that allows text wrapping. My first suggestion would have be the concatenation into rich text, but I see the dilemma with not being able to get into the note details. The only solution, and probably the ugliest solution would be to come up with a max number of notes possible, then double that number and and create that number of columns. Then you would somehow fill one column with each note and another column with a relation value and do this for each note. Then you could display everything as individual components and instead of a button, it would be an inline list, or a relation component. Very hacky!

I would maybe explore the tiles option some more and maybe put some sort of white image or a fancy design between each note.

Thanks for this. I have decided to just have the feed as a regular list and people will have to click then to read. Hopefully good will allow that functionality later

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