Question about setup for newbie

Hi all,
I wanted to run through my idea and thinking to the experts here to see if it sounds correct or if there is a better way to organise my data to make what I want to make for an MVP.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Person sends email confirmation of flight/hotel or the like to a dedicated email address
  • I parse the data with templates using
  • I integrate into airtable so it pulls the data into structured data columns like first name, last name, flight number, departure date, destination ect ect
  • I pull that data from airtable to make a list in glide (all relatively easy so far)
  • I show a list screen of all trips that a person has permissions to view
  • In the view screen I show only the data that is filled in (ie not empty)… still trying to do this
  • In the edit screen I pull all data fields into form so you can edit or add fields (relatively easy but i’m trying to figure out a way to not just have a huge long page with a bunch of fields :slight_smile: )
  • I want to then give the ability for someone to “add” new items into the booking like more passengers, more flights, add hotel booking info ect ect (this is the one i’m really stuck on as I need it linked to the “trip ID”

I have the table setup relatively “flat” at the moment because of the parser and it’s a row for each trip.

I then have a users table where I dictate permissions ie agent vs client so agent can edit and client can only view… (still working on that).

The big one i’m stuck on is, how can I get people to add another passenger (or something like that) to a row where there already is a passenger field but still have it link to the “Trip ID” that they are editing/adding to? It has me stumped (i’m not a dev :slight_smile:)

Thanks for your help

Whenever you have a general scenario where you have multiple child records (Passengers) linked to a single parent record (Booking), the easiest approach is to split the records into two separate tables.

So you create a Booking Table and a Passengers Table. The Passengers table will include a BookingID column, and then one row of data per passenger, per booking.

To relate these Passenger records to your Bookings table, all you need is a multiple relation column in your Bookings table that matches the BookingID to the BookingID in the Passengers table.

If you have other Booking attributes that may have 2 or more values, then just repeat the process.


Thank you. Sounds like I’m going to need a few tables :slight_smile:

Now I need to figure out either:

  • If Parsio can send data from one parse to multiple tables… or
  • Can I link them in airtable automatically once loaded in from the parse

hmmmm got some tinkering to do.