Problem passing rowid across

Hi all,
I have a problem I need a hand with.

I have a need to “import” airtable data into glide database. The use case is that I am looking at doing some parsing of emails for flight data through to airtable, then in Glide, I want the user to click on “import flights” which will show a list of available flights to import from my airtable sheet (easy so far).

Now I then want the user to be able to import that flight against the current “trip” they are in so it links to the rowID and thus will show when looking at their list of flights in that trip. I can’t seem to find a way to auto-populate that tripID field or even a way to show a list of Trips they can add it to.

Can someone please help?


I think we might need to see some screenshots or a video of your app to get a better visual of the flow and how you want it to work.

I have mapped it out so hopefully this helps?

Well, at a very basic level, you need a relation in the Trips table that can link certain details about the trip to the Flights table. Then create several Lookup columns to retrieve certain flight details out of that relation. At that point, that might be all you need, but if you still need those flight details to be written to the trip table row, then your Import button could have a Set Column action that will transfer the values from the Lookup columns to basic columns in the same table.