Hello :) I'm new here as a maker, names Bradley but I represent a project i've been making, Metapix. Hoping for a little help if possible?

I’ve signed up as a maker, have very nearly finished an image generator (I believe). I have entered my GPT API Key, personalised the userface, but when I enter a prompt it doesn’t do anything. It’s likely something very simple.

Can you share details (preferably screenshots) that show how you have configured things?

Yeah course, I’m not too sure why that image is staying there, here are screenshots:

What does your create button do? How is it configured? What actions does it execute?

I don’t know, I used the template :rofl: Ohh! So I’d create the action from the button to then interact with the API from the GPT plug in? I’ve just seen I missed that! Thanks :slight_smile: Very new to this, youtube tutorials are very helpful as well.

Not related but what’s up with all the blue pills in your screenshots? Are you using CSS?

Yeah I was experimenting, have deleted the app now. If anyone else is learning and seeking something similar, this Glide YT video has been helpful: https://youtu.be/a8MAU0mGKvI?si=D8GmeSa-8q0SO62h

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