Hello from Sri Lanka

Hello Everyone :wave:

I’m Dilon. And I’m from Sri Lanka.
I’m still a student :wink:
And I’m 14 years old. So there is a small story about founding this Amazing platform :star_struck:

One day our school Health sir said try to do some new thing. Don’t do the same works like studying,eating,sleeping etc :sweat_smile:. Then my best friend said let’s try to create a app. So I said yeah let’s try. But we need to code. We know about HTML and CSS only know. I think we can create a website :slightly_smiling_face: Then my best friend said let’s make a group and we’ll discuss. Then we made a group with 5 students and Sir.

Then we all search how to create apps with no code. Then I search in Google,Youtube etc. After searching I found Appy Pie,Appsgeyser first. And they are not good. Because we can’t edit everything.

So again I started to search and then I found Glide. So I started to find some tutorials. Then I found the Help Docs, Youtube videos, This Community. So this is the story about finding Glide. And I’m so happy that we can put HTML and CSS codes. I know CSS. But not too much :neutral_face: I’m still learning about CSS and HTML.

And my ambition is to be a Front end web developer and a Android developer :innocent:

And I found so many No Code Platforms. Like Draftbit, Bubble, Appsheet, Flutter flow, Adalo etc. But I choose Adalo and Glide only. They are super cool :fire: I like this both platforms :heart_eyes:

And I want say Glide have saved me :heart_eyes: Thanks to the team that created this amazing platform called Glide :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

And I want to say about this community. This community is super fast :fire: :fire: I mean when we post a question they are replying fast. I like this super fast community :blush:

And about the Glide Docs and videos. They are very helpful. There are everything about Glide in the Docs and I like to watch the Youtube videos about Glide because Jack (@JackVaughan ) is teaching them nicely. I like to listen :innocent:. Thanks Jack for that :innocent:

And thanks for the other Youtube channels. @Robert_Petitto, @eltintero, Dimitris, @grumo etc :heart_eyes:

And Thanks Glide Experts for helping us to create apps :blush:

And again Thanks Glide Team for creating this Brilliant Platform :fire: :heart_eyes:

Thank you :innocent:


I’m no Glide expert, but Hi, Dilon :slightly_smiling_face:
LM, from Paris.
Enjoy :cherry_blossom:

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Hi LM :wave: :wave:

Nice to meet you :blush:


Hey Dilon

Welcome to Glide, and welcome to the Glide Community. If you want to learn about building great apps and have fun doing it, you’ve come to the right place :+1:

I love your enthusiasm, and I love your attitude. Please don’t lose that. Keep learning, keep experimenting and trying new things, and I’m sure you’ll achieve all that you want to - and more.

And remember, there are lots of knowledgeable, experienced and helpful folk here always willing to share and provide advice and guidance if you get stuck.


Thanks Darren for your kind words :blush:

And Nice to meet you Darren :innocent:

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Dilon, I thought @ThinhDinh was the youngest among us.
14 y? Do you know OpenClassrooms? Their CEOs created the 1st all public accessible courses for HTML Dev when they were… 13 and 14 y. And now, they are international Success Story with a recent paramount 80 M budget. Many courses are free for you to discover and then jump to topics and products of your interest. They are 100 % online at your own pace. Available in English. I’m one of the Student at the end of the Product Manager curriculum. And there are lots of Front/Back/FullStack Dev.
Choice is yours. Could help you structure your learnings and confront them to the actual market. Set priorities and goals, spot your ideal job & managers.


Hi thanks LM for telling that. I don’t know about that. Yeah I’m 14 years :innocent:

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Talk to your school coaches about that. They should know OpenClassrooms. You’re a bit young to work without mentoring, but it should give you some directions. And French-International Taste of Adventure :wink:

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I think they don’t know about this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, you’ll be better than them, then, is that a problem? :wink:
Google this (I deleted the link, not sure it’s compliant to this forum to share some external links) Front-End Developer - OpenClassrooms

Their search engine is horrible :smiley: but you can find free courses in DEV like Python.

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No I think. Thanks L.M

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LM I searched but it’s not free :neutral_face:

try by keywords like development or python, and you’ll get related topics. As I said the search engine is really not good. Try with product names you heard about.
like JavaScript, Django (if it’s Django, I’m not familiar with)… or free

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Hmm yeah. I’m learning everything in W3Schools website. It has everything :innocent:

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Perfect! :ok_hand:

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Welcome @Dilon_Perera great to have you! :pray:


Thank you Jack :+1:

Welcome @Dilon_Perera to Glide’s community forum. :wave:t2:

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Thanks Nathanael :blush:

Welcome to the community @Dilon_Perera !!

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