Hello from Seattle WA! I have a few questions too!

Hi there awesome innovation people! I’m Michael from the Seattle/Bay Area of CA. I’m a UX Product Designer and UX Researcher with a focus on ethnographic and qualitative data collection.

Looking to be part of an intelligent and energetic product team!

Industries of interest:
Healthcare, data visualization, fintech, government, intelligence, human resources, AR/XR/VR augmented reality, and virtual reality. (minor experience in UX in Unity)

20 years in digital product design. As one of Yahoo’s first employees. Held the role of Interactive Design Director where I specialized in new monetized solutions, product R&D, and product development. I’ve also worked as a co-creative director for Time Warner Turner Network Television. As a skilled industrial designer, product manager, and as certified SCRUM Master at Microsoft. I’m adept at helping companies create innovative experiences. I’m interested in UX, UI, AR, and Mixed Reality XR/UX for military and medicine applications and pursuing Unity’s XR certification. Passionate about traditional UX Design & fast prototyping.

I’m a fine artist with a passion for 3D industrial design and marble sculpture. I’m an avid paddleboarder and surfer in the PNW to Hawaii. My parents formally retired from the US Navy, and I’ve lived on both coastal seaboards of the United States as well as Puerto Rico and Italy. I’m an avid lover of the ocean, sea life, scuba diving, the environment, and those that will protect it like the SeaSheppard organization.


I’m looking for ideas and solutions to using mapping tools like google maps with little to no cost in a mapping app Idea similar to waze.com Is there a way to hook into a generic version of a “waze-like” API and use it in the Glide app???

Welcome to the forum! :wave: