Hello from Denmark

I’m Krisia, originally from Bermuda, now living in Denmark.
I’m doing a Multimedia Design course and we have to build a no-code app as a project, so my team chose Glide.
I’ve been doing most of the Glide work, and am loving it! I think I’m going to make building apps one of the things I offer my clients, and I want to use Glide for this. So for the next 2 years, I plan to be in here a lot, trying things out.
I love that the community is so helpful! I’ve already gotten so much out of being here after only a week or so.
Looking forward to lots more Gliding!


Welcome to the family! Let us know if you have any questions.

Hello Krisia, what a nice post, it’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying yourself. Welcome to Glide and the community forum, every day is fun and there’s something new to learn.