Header Nav Bar Logo - Teeny Tiny!?

Hey guys,

Does anybody know how to make the logo bigger in the top navigation bar on a Glide Page, not app?

When I upload it’s TINY!


Failing that, does anybody know how do remove “nav-root”? I’ve tried with CSS but no lucky.

(Business plan but non-for-profit version)

Thanks in advance!!


Just curious, why do you want to remove nav-root?

Because of how diddy the logo is, it looks ridiculous.

So I create my own nav bar in the body but they I have a blank bar across the top still from the native nav bar.


Does your logo almost touch the edges of the canvas? If you have too much white space, it will cause your logo to look smaller. Mine looks fine

Hey Joe - No, it’s cropped pretty tightly and using a transparent PNG.

There aren’t any configuration options for Pages that let me change anything either, just upload the image and BAM… tiny.


Yea I am not sure. This is how mine looks and is big enough.

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Hmmm - what’s the dimensions of that image?

1080x200. Logo essentially stretches to the edges. I mean our padding around the logo seems to be similar. However my font size is bigger.