Hard time navigating and finding icons

Hey guys,
I’m having a Really hard time navigating through the icons library. There are a lot of them and I really like them but with searching it’s almost impossible for me to find what i’m looking for, and navigating is very very time consuming.

Any tips for me how you guys do it in an efficient way? Would appriciate it!


@Jason See‚ not just me!

+1 for this.



lol, so I’m not alone

Is there a library of ALL icons so we know what to words to search for?


Search on the site and it will give you the name of the icon to help find it in Glide.

I tried this but with no luck, example:
I want this one

So I search for “interface user single”:

What it’s actually called:

Soooo… yeah, problem


Actually, even if we search as Single Neutral, returns me empty. It seems to work only with one word nowadays

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search for single-neutral

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Yup…needs the - for whatever reason.