What tab icons would be relevant for Job interviews?

Hi! I’m currently using check and double check icons for my Job Interviews Questions Tab.
Can you suggest best choices and how to find them (their names) in Glide?
That cannot be confused with chat and are not boring-old-school like a suitcase (especially in our remote context)
Thks for your ideas :bulb:

You should be able to search on that website, then use that same icon name in glide…or at least it would get you closer.

Here’s some possible ideas. I’m think anything bwith two heads

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I like your icons, Jeff, indeed, they’re straightforward, but they’re not available in Glide, unless you have a secret place to look for them.

I’m not exactly sure which library glide uses for those icons. I’m pretty sure it’s from Streamline, but there are several subgroups on that site. A lot of times I’m been able to search the icons, and when you find one, it will give you the name of that icon. Then you can use those keywords to search in glide. I didn’t find those exact ones, but you can try “Recruiting” or “Office” to find some similar ones.

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It’s a very complicated “mastermind” memory game to try and remember where on earth I’ve seen what icon and the search is not always the same. Like “Messages chat smiley” is not the accurate search criteria.
I haven’t found what I was looking for, even in Pro plan (I’m on student budget now). But instead, I found this cute smiling cowboy icon which will be perfect for the Edit Profile/Sign-In combo button. Still waiting to show conditional icon depending on 3 types of users.
OK, he may be wearing a Stetson, not a Fedora, and Sharon is not a cowboy but an Agent, but that’s still cute enough. Thks, Jeff. Good Move :cowboy_hat_face:

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Just kidding, this looks more understandable!

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Yeah, it is pretty hard to search through the icons. Glide mentioned adding a favorites option to icons, so it’s easier to find ones you use frequently, but I’m not sure if they have worked on that yet or not.

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I was hoping to compute sth with Hero Icons, but on 1st try, it does not look like it can render in Template Col for ex

It would have been cool to override buttons with a clickable icon + computed text.
Maybe an array of Hero Icons as status icons in inline lists ? To show a glimpse of what’s inside (video, image, pdf, url, schedule, etc.)

For something like that, I think the hero icon will only be treated as an image. To get the effect of a button, you would probably have to use a rich text component with some html to render the image along with some text, and then add an action to that component. Another option would be to to use an inline list. A lot of time I will create a multiple relation that links the row id back to itself, so the relation only finds the same row (itself). Then I can use an inline list that’s only linked to that row and I can do some interesting things design-wise. I usually use this technique with tiles or cards since then have some extra design options. A good example is what I have below. It’s a self relation but that I’m showing as a tile. This is in place of a title component and I can treat it like a button, so clicking on it performs an action, just like a button would. In your case, you could maybe use the list layout with an image specified, or use the tiles or cards layout and the hero icon could be placed in the avatar setting.