Icon chooser difficult to work with

Every time I have to change an Icon, I have to hit “show more” a dozen times. The list does not stay expanded. A “Show All” would be VERY useful. A box at the top with “recents” with the last 20 or so icons chosen would be fantastic because the ones I choose are mostly the same as the ones I chose before.

Great suggestions :+1:

They are difficult to work with. You really need to try and remember the names/partial names of the ones you like to use. For example, I like to use icons on my Save/Cancel buttons. It took me the longest time to realise that searching for badge would get me the ones I wanted…

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 9.22.19 AM

Just an fyi, I believe that the library that’s used for the Glide button icons is a subset of this.

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@Jason See! It’s not only me that wants this!

Really agree, need to improve the way we can fetch icons …