Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023 :) A few questions if you can help me give up or persist? Thanks!

I wish you all

  • the freedom of choices
  • or to create yours to fulfill/cope
    with whatever 2023 has in store for you.

I’ve resumed my prototype, and would gladly share some experiences good & bad, in case you can help me find new options.

My app is a Glossary for the main part, for Product People (and Agile, Scrum, Kanban, even Marketing with KPIs, you see the idea). I’ll share it later. I’ve almost finished.

  1. The Cool Experience
  • We can include URL, webp in the image data colum. Webp being a better compressed format than jpg, especially with a very classy rendering (never look “compressed”), and if I’m not wrong, is natively treated by the server that does not need to “transform” it, so it’s supposed to perform better? And you can compress webp.
    My tools to convert anything in webp in batch
    AnyWebP - Bulk convert all images to WebP

and compress any image in batch (including webp)

  1. Can Glide do that, please?
  • Can we desaturate, colorize, greyscale, “put a veil on”… miniatures videos, pictures, etc. in Inline Lists ? To get a classy clean UI, instead of patchworked images/videos. Any other idea to “monochromize”, even use the color palette would be great. I have a column that either shows the video miniature or the 1st image available, depending on what’s in the entry.

Like in Portfolio builders that put an overlay, a blur in galleries w/ a rollover to uncover.

    1. I’ve seen some FAQ about the Index.
      What exactly are the Best Practices? One Word Only? Weird Results.

The word must be in the current inline? Even if I sort on another column?

Ex. In my sort column, the keyword is TDD, but the Title of my inline entry is T.D.D. Glide cannot fin TDD, only T.D.D. which is tedious for the user.
I can of course change all my acronyms without the dots, like TDD. But it’s less obvious that it’s an acronym like the Google H.E.A.R.T. framework

    1. Will Glide automatically display unread/new/updates as bubble numbers in Tab Icons?
    • Anonymous users will always get Max numbers
    • Which can entice them to create an account thus engage more in your app
    • As a rule, how about adding all forms of cues that can engage users, for Retention, give them kinda “Loss Aversion”, challenge their Curiosity, their Will to “Complete & Achieve, Finish what they started” for Less Energy.

Have a Goal. Make it Easy to Remember. Second Brain. Show that the app is updated, the Show goes on, etc.

What other cues can you think of & that would be a great addition to Glide App/Pages?

Especially if they already exist elsewhere? (Competition)

    1. When the “title” of URL are not accurate, I thought we could “bypass” the “title” tag in the URL by adding it manually to the URL. It’s not always user-friendly. Can we override sth, for each data?
    1. Should I split this topic?

Thks for your feedbacks :slight_smile: I don’t think you need any screenshots, but if need be, I’ll come back!

Make your own search algorithms, using a template or java column… then apply them to list filters… I don’t know about your colors question… but there are no options in Glide to mess with colors.

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What do you mean “make you own search algorithm”?
Should I include all the keywords explicitly somewhere in the visible inline list?
For each line displayed?
Thks, Uzo :slight_smile:

no, I assume, that you are using a native search engine… make your own… use the text entry element and modify the entry according to your needs… then in list options, create filters. i.e. in my Dictionary App, I remove white spaces and turn to uppercase list and keyword… so no matter what the user will enter… it will find all results:

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How do you do those two buttons next to the search field?


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It’s working with keywords inside each item that requires it :slight_smile:
And I think that adding a filter A, B, C, D ~ Z to the inline will turnaround the pb to quickly jump to the right expected entry.
Should be straightforward to do, if I’m not wrong?

Hi! L.M. I’m not clear about your topic part 2., because my English is so-so. But I remember Cloudinary service. You can store your images in Cloudinary directly from Glide(auto upload feature of Cloudinary) and store links of it’s in Glide. Then you can have access to it through link and inside link you can configure any features like sepia, blur and much more include and video. A transformations will be made on Cloudinary side and on fly. Also you can store in original format and fetch by link in your appropriate format, or directly store in preferred format.
You can arrange links configurations using if then else and templates, also for inline list using css in apps.

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OK, thks.
Uh, not sure it’s appropriate for video miniatures…
Especially in inline lists: I can imagine the latency while scrolling. Not really user-friendly.

But it’s worth a try.

I can’t do it now, as I forgot how to use Cloudinary for new stuffs
I’ll batch the job with another Cloudinary adjustment I have to make.
Who knows?

Thks for the idea :cherry_blossom:

There some briefly explanation about auto upload to Cloudinary Can you transfer your app's database/storage to Firebase? - #9 by slscustom.ru

Usually, if you see transformations once, second times it ten times faster.
Sometimes Glide is much more slowly with native tools. And yes - images directly from Glide store is faster than everything, but without transformation.

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Hey! You were so right, it’s working!
I just forget to replace “update” by “fetch”, and somehow my mind sort of remembers what @Robert_Petitto may have showed us step by step.
Here’s the Before/After.
I’ll fine tune the effect, but you get the idea.

When I realized with my previous Cloudini experience that it fetches the pictures from my own Glide Data, it was just obvious this could work, even with a conditionnal image/video miniature.
Before : patchwork of colors

After “Cloudini” all colorized with #cc6666, opacity 50 (which is cool!)

And my source to “cloudinarize” is this If Then Else Column

Showing either an Image, if there’s any, a miniature of the video, if any or a semi-transparent color from #cc6666.

1 solution for 1 problem found!

It should work also to colorize all emojis, icons, right?
To get sth closer to color palette?

Happy Sunday!
Actually, I don’t even need to store my images on Cloudinary, since I fetch all my resources in my Glide Data columns?
Thks again!
I’m lucky :slight_smile:

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Hi! I havend used it for emoji and dont remember about it.

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Yes you can store inside Glide, and fetch instead of auto upload, but every time flow is: download to cloudinary->process->download to your screen again. If performance is enough for you, so yo can.
Glad to help!

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Uh, looks like it does not always work (I have to check whether it’s for url images or stored ones)

How do you test whether Cloudinary returns sth or not?

To display an unchanged image/miniature instead of an empty placeholder.

How do you manage errors?
A kind of “Is error” available?


oh, I know why some images were not cloudinarized: they were HUGE!
Which makes sense for some url images…

I resized & compress them more, to upload them into Glide instead et voilà !