Grouping/Search functionality for Choice Dropdown component, similar to Inline List

Hi there,

I am looking to be able to group or search in the dropdown component. I have a list with many items and have another field to categorize them. In a larger list, I imagine it will be easier to find items if it were grouped and indented similar to the Inline List component. Similarly, a search bar would be nice too.

I have thought about this for a few apps I have built but for this particular app, filtering the data cannot be added as we have a dropdown per hour of the day, and users need to select a todo item for that hour. Ultimately it would add too many extra components / add extra steps.

The above is a Dropdown Component. It would be nice to have it look like the below, and a search bar would be a bonus.

Hi @Bobby_Szeto

I wonder if this would be helpful? A creative solution made by @gvalero