Group Options

Hey everyone, new to Glide and definitely still learning but I wanted to confirm a functionality that is crucial for my design: Groups.

For example,

I would like a user to be able to create and name a group. Then invite people to that group via email. Users can only can be in 1 group at a time. Then a user be able to create a status for all users in the group to see.

App Idea: Family Status App

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of family members, especially when you have a large family. I am looking to create an app where you could be in a group with your family and set or create a status for people in your group to see. Foe example Mom: “Working from home” Dad “At the gym” Son “Football Practice” Daughter “At Friends Place”.

Thank you!

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You can do this with what we currently have. I imagine each member takes up a line (or you can allow users to add as many as they want up to a point for each line - let’s say 5 emails per line).

Then you make a relation and a joined text to bring in all emals in the group, show them to the signed in user only when their email is in the joined text.

For the status part, I think you can let
group members submit a form each time and make a relation from the profiles sheet using their email to the status sheet, then a single value column to bring back the last status and display it.