Group Class Booking

Ever wanted to book A CLASS ON A REGULAR BASIS with a club BUT, were forced to book ONE class check out, then book another etc?

We have a couple active businesses and are looking for HELP to;

:white_check_mark: Buy or build a group class booking page/app where the customer can choose any number of classes by simply clicking them from a calendar or list which adds them to their cart before checking out, once! :muscle::+1:

First, could you help confirm that this is even possible on Glide?


Thank you in advance.

Does the “access to the class” serve as a product in this case? Do they pay monthly or annually or just once?

Glide will let you purchase a recurring booking and allow the user to add the (class) to their personal calendar, but there isn’t a great way (as far as I know) to display the recurring events within a Glide Calendar component (especially if the event repeats indefinitely).

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