Group by using Boolen column

I want to show Group By with a Boolen value but the header is either “true” or “false”.

Can this be ‘group-by’ section header be changed? Or removed?

For example, if (boolean column) Is-Target is true I want to show those first. When I Group By “Is_Target” the header is “true” when what I would need is the better description “Target is True”. Any help?

Create an IF column and have it return whatever group name you want if true, else return another group name.

You will also need to sort your inline list, so you may need a second IF column to return 1 if true else 2. Then the sorting can use that numeric value for sorting.

With that second IF column, you may want to also create a template column that joins the number and maybe the account name, so it sorts by both. Selected accounts first followed by account name alphabetically.