🤖 GPT-4o, the latest model from OpenAI, is now available

In the Generate Text action, you’ll find a new High Power v2 model, which is GPT-4o under the covers. It should be better in every way, and less expensive for processing large prompts.

If you are using Generate Text, please give this new model a try and report what you find. We’re currently evaluating this model for use with the other Glide AI actions as well.

We’ve also introduced Image to Text v2. Please give it a try and share your feedback. This is a huge leap forward from the previous version, in terms of vision and reasoning capabilities.

We had a customer attempting to process photos of handwritten forms, and it simply did not work with the previous Image to Text. This new version completed the tasks perfectly on the first try.


I was testing the “Complete chat” column and I can confirm that the new 4o model works just fine, is fast, and also costs less than 4. In this picture, you can see the costs of analysing a medium-long text through the API (around 4 pages in a document): I did it once with 4, and once (!) with 4o, and several times with 3.5-turbo during that day.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 06.04.44

Next thing I will test soon is the capability to analyse a picture, which they claim 4o can do.


Update: we’ve also released Image to Text v2


Did not work for me… in “Chat Completion”

[edited] works with the model’s name in lower case: gpt-4o

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The thread is about the Glide AI integration, not the OpenAI one.