I am using GOOGLEFINANCE to bring in FX rates. It works perfectly in my Google sheet, updates on a regular basis. The issue is that it is not updating in Glide data sheet unless I press reload sheet.
Should I expect a delay ?


Add a column for a Switch and simply toggle it when you need updates.

That’s not an option - sorry .
My users need to see up to date FX rates on the app - I need to find a solution that will update the Glide data on a regular basis withoiut having to do it manualy

Even Google Sheets show a warning when you use Google Finance, saying that the rates will not be real-time. Reading that data in Glide is another layer of latency.

I Know that there is a delay to update the data in Google sheets but it is quick enough.
The delay into Glide seems to be very long - I’ve no idea how long - which is the problem

Upgrade to Pro and turn on background refresh to have it auto update the app.



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