Google Sheets as Data Source

I log into Glideapps using my gmail account and can see all my apps and then I try to start a new app and use Google Sheets as source and glide says I need to log in using my Google and it sends me a link that takes me right back to where I started…can’t seem to use Google Sheets because Glide doesn’t think I am logged into Google???

Did you use Google authentication to sign in, or just sign in with an email that happens to be a google email? There are two ways to sign in if have a gmail account. You need to make sure you are using Google authentication to sign in.

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Yes sir I am using Google Authentication and it makes me verify myself and I get signed into Glide and can select my apps and when I try to change the source for data to another sheet or even create new app and connect to Sheets it says I need to login and then I am in the infinite loop…

Can you reproduce this in a video and send it to the support team? Thank you.

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