Google Analytics not showing real-time data

Do I have to use the same gmail account that I use to sign-in to glide app to use the tracking id in google analytics?

I have a pro account and already incorporated the tracking id which created under my other email account with my glideapp accounts, after that I tested the google analytics using my phone and desktop and it doesnt show anything.

I’ve only used google analytics on a couple of apps and I really don’t have much experience with it, but if I recall, it seemed to take a little while for things to start showing up in GA. That or just the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.

I can’t say for sure regarding the use of different emails. I would think it wouldn’t matter, but I’m not sure.

Also, I don’t think the phone app works with App+Web, so you are stuck with using it on the desktop site.

Thanks for the insight, Jeff

I waited for 24 hours and retried but it didnt work. The only way I solve this problem eventually is being connected the glideapp with my gmail account of google analytic instead and giving and admin access to my corporate account.

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I cant get it to work either, nothing is displaying in realtime or anywhere for that matter.