Google Analytics not showing in my Page

I recently started tracking one of my pages with Google Analytics, but when I tried doing the same process for another app, I noticed that the Google Analytics integration is not showing up.

Can someone help me undestand why I am seeing the integration in some apps but not in others?

Seems like the one you’re seeing it is Classic Apps, and the other one is the new Glide Apps. Can you confirm this?

Nope, both are Glide Apps new format (Pages).

I will attach both SS.
Image 1: Google Analytics Working

Image 2: Google Analytics not Working (now Showing Up)

That’s … interesting. I don’t think I see Google Analytics in any of my “Pages” projects, so I don’t know why you can see it :sweat_smile:

Looks like I added it at the right time. Hopefully they bring it back to all projects.

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