Godaddy CNAME record error

Using these instructions to set up CNAME record on Godaddy:

TXT record created fine but this error when trying to create CNAME record:

I have now an error on the Glide screen. Note that I am using a new domain, never been used, (no subdomain), and I copied everything as directed. I also watched the tutorial. @Mark or anyone, any thoughts before I have to hold for Godaddy for an hour? :smiley:

I copied and pasted as indicated on Glide screen. I’ve set up domains dozens of times (never an app) but it seems like it’s straightforward so I’m stumped. Any ideas or help please? :pray:


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I have successfully set up a domain on godaddy (not that it is a comfort to you)

Here are some screen shots not sure if they help!?

I would say that it did take a while to verify and I did have an error message for approx 30 mins then it was fine


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Ah, ok, so I have done the same and maybe it’s just a matter of waiting! I will wait a few hours and see. Thank you so much!

No worries.

I was concerned for a while too whilst setting it up.

Me = “why isn’t this working, what have I done wrong” pause, re watch video etc.

Checked glide again and again and then all of a sudden it worked. Phew, panic over

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haha my sentiments exactly!

I’m sure it will be fine, relax, go and grab a coffee or tea (or maybe something stronger!) hope your launch goes well.

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Alright so I had a feeling this was not a wait for it to cycle issue - There was an issue that only Glide team could help with because Godaddy is so “special”. Glide was awesome as always, quick response and jumped on a screenshare with Glide support to make all of the necessary records. It was not per the standard instructions. I guess going forward, I won’t be using godaddy for domain purchases and if you are planning to host on godaddy, you will probably err out on their site when creating the CNAME record and need some extra help from Glide tech support. They are planning to write specific instructions for Godaddy to be proactive about this issue. Thanks!

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